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Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Tattoo Flash by Ken Cameron, owner of World Famous Tattoos by Lou, Miami's Best #1 and original tattoo studio.

At Tattoos by Lou a large volume of the work we do is custom design. Though it does not cost extra, by nature custom design work involves more time. Because of the differences in artistic style from one artist to the next and the highly specific requirements of custom design work, it is not possible for us to take appointments over the phone or the Internet. We suggest that you look through our gallery of photos to help you choose the artist you prefer. Then, come into the studio to meet your artist and show them some sketches of your own or discuss an idea with them so that they can draw a design for you. We require a minimum $50 deposit for an artist to prepare the drawings for you but, the deposit is applied towards the overall price of the work. For instance, if your tattoo costs $100, then on the day of your appointment you need only pay $50. This way you are able to approve custom drawings before the tattoo is applied and ensure that you get the design you want. To find out when your preferred artist is in the shop to talk over your design, check our shop schedules or give us a call.

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