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Updated: Dec 12, 2021

In 1990 Lou Sciberras, with his daughter Michelle, opened the first tattoo studio on Miami Beach. Known as “The One and The Only” tattoo studio on Miami Beach, Lou’s childhood friend Frankie Fasula did most of the build out and the studio opened its doors in January 1990. Lou enjoyed living on Miami Beach and being a part of its resurgence. As a respected member of the city, Lou received the Key to the City of Miami Beach in 1993. It wasn’t until 1994 that another tattoo studio opened on the beach.

Photograph of World Famous Tattoos by Lou South Beach, Miami's Best #1 and original tattoo studio.

The 1990s were Miami Beach’s renaissance. With the outstanding weather, beautiful beaches, and magnificent architecture, Miami Beach truly is a great location and everyone wanted to be here. The Historical Preservation Society saved Art Deco buildings by restoring them to their original grandeur as well as necessary updates. While prices were still low, all of this made Miami Beach a hidden jewel. It was at this time that the modeling industry discovered South Beach and you couldn’t walk down the street without bumping into a model or the equipment from a photo-shoot. Of course Lou didn’t mind, on most days you could find him sitting in front of the studio talking to all the lovely ladies as they strolled by on their way to the beach or for a night out on the town.

Photograph of World Famous Tattoos by Lou South Beach, Miami's Best #1 and original tattoo studio.

Tattoos by Lou South Beach has been home to many award winning guest and residential tattoo artist including, founder Lou Sciberras, owner Ken Cameron, Miss Robin, Morgan Brown, Luis Segatto, Ami James, Chris Garver, Chris Nunez, Frank Ball, Joe Vegas, Lou “Spot”, Sailor Buck, Candi Kroemer, Arlen Miller, Brian Nelson, Steve Wicket, Phil Colvin, Tim Buonagurio, Jeff Jeffies, Dave Poole, Gentle Little Jay, Hanky Panky, Darren Brass, Jason Eisenberg, Loir Cifer, Dirk Vanderlinder, Professor Bob, Jeff Gemma, Estoria Eddy, Albert Sgambiti, Mike Nickleson, Annette LaRue, Jeff Whitehead, Dave Gibson. This list can go on, and on, and on… While at Tattoos by Lou South Beach these tattoo art heavyweights have tattooed many “A List” clients throughout the years, include ng Madonna, Britney Spears, John F. Kennedy Jr., Mickey Rourke, Nick Taylor, Little Wayne, Foxy Brown, Ricky Martin, and many more.

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