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Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Here at Tattoos by Lou, we refer to our Kendall studio as #1. This location in South Miami Dade County was the first studio Lou Sciberras opened after relocating to the area in 1986. Located five miles from the Homestead Air Force Base, Tattoos by Lou was at one time the only professional tattoo studio in all of Miami-Dade County. The closest professional tattoo studio was Tat’s Taylor in Fort Lauderdale.

Photograph of World Famous Tattoos by Lou Kendall, Miami's Best #1 and original tattoo studio.

Prior to the current location, #1 has had three previous homes in South Miami-Dade County. The original home was on US 1, just North of 211th Street, on the second floor, in Cutler Ridge. In 1988, Lou moved the studio to a larger space just around the corner, right on 211th Street, in Cutler Ridge. Nostalgia takes over when thinking about this relocation. It was at this studio that Lou really established Tattoos by Lou as Miami’s Original Tattoo Studio with a great crew of artists and guest artists from around the country.

Photograph of World Famous Tattoos by Lou Kendall, Miami's Best #1 and original tattoo studio.

In 1992 Hurricane Andrew devastated Cutler Ridge. The area was one of the hardest hit in Miami-Dade County. As with thousands of other businesses and homes, Tattoos by Lou Cutler Ridge was severally damaged. Artists Troy Lane and Mike Harpool were forced to relocate to Tattoos by Lou South Beach while a new location in the South Miami-Dade area was found. Within six months, Lou was able to find a location six miles North in Kendall and in 1993 Tattoos by Lou Kendall opened it’s doors with both Troy and Mike as resident artists. In 2000 the current location at 9820 South Dixie Highway was built, providing a much larger studio.

Over the past three decades, Tattoos by Lou’s South Miami-Dade County location has welcomed great artists including, founding owner Lou Sciberras, owner Ken Cameron, original resident artist Troy Lane, Mikey Harpool, Dave Gibson, Eddie Deutsche, Alex Herman, Dave Wulff, Cindy Stroemple, Greg Christian, Phil Colvin, Jeff Lebowitz, Scott Bakoss, Brady Buckman, Alice Kuchar, Scott Sterling, and many more.

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