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There are a multitude of factors in deciding on a tattoo artist:

Ensure the tattoo artist you are considering is licensed and practices proper sterilization and infection control standards.

Seeing a particular artist’s work on another client is the best way to judge if your collaboration will be a good fit. The second best way is to look through a tattoo artist’s portfolio. Most will have a book of photographs they keep with them at all times, however in this day and age you can also find these photos online through a studio or tattoo artist’s website or social media accounts.

Taking the time to meet with a tattoo artist and discuss what you are interested in is also important. Asking questions like what style of tattooing the tattoo artist specializes in is key to getting what you want. Listening to your tattoo artist is even more important. For example, a true professional will let you know if a colleague is better suited to do a particular tattoo design, if your placement choice may not give you the affect you wanted, or if the size you have chosen isn’t the best choice or it is beyond their ability.

Never decide on a tattoo artist based on price. The old adage, “You get what you pay for.” rings even truer when it comes to tattoos. This is something you will have on your body for the rest of your life; unless of course you’re unhappy with it and spend even more money, time, and pain to have the tattoo removed. Serious tattoo collectors will save their money to get the tattoo they want from a professional tattoo artist with the qualifications required to ensure their clients are happy with their new tattoo. Remember, “Good work ain’t cheap. Cheap work ain’t good.”

Visit our FAQ page for the answers to your most frequently asked questions.

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