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Born in Miami in 1974 to Cuban parents, Roger grew up in Hialeah. He got his first tattoo from Joe Bringas when he was 16. Roger worked a series of jobs he hated, thinking he would never have the opportunity to do something he loved for a living. He credits his friends, especially Lenny Rodriguez and James Brutus for inspiring him to begin a career in tattooing. With help from Lenny and James along the way, Roger began his pursuing his career in tattooing in 2001 at the age of 27.


Roger started out by doing simple tattoos on his friends and family. In 2001 owners of Tattoos By Lou, Michelle and Ken Cameron gave him chance and hired Roger. He started out at the Hialeah studio and in 2007 moved to the North Miami studio. Roger is grateful for the opportunity to spend his career at Tattoos By Lou and has no plans to change anything.


Roger takes his influence for a variety of artists, most notably, Mike Wilson, Chris O’Donnell, Sailor Jerry, and Bob Roberts. He enjoys doing bold, colorful, strong images that will stand the test of time. He frequently does traditional, Japanese, tribal, and black and grey new school tattoos.

Roger uses Ken Cameron, Seth Cifferi, Christ Smith, and National tattoo machines. He is very grateful to Ken Cameron for taking the time to look at work and giving me so much advice since he joined Tattoos By Lou.

Roger loves drawing and painting especially using watercolors and color pencils. He is also a photographer, shooting 35mm, medium and large format cameras, developing and printing his own photographs in his home darkroom.

Roger also enjoys surfing and cycling. However, fishing is the most prominent hobby in the Valdes household since it is something the entire family enjoys doing together. Roger’s greatest blessing from God is his family, with his wife being the biggest blessing for his family. Nothing has change his perspective on life more than his family and Roger knows he could never be who he is meant to be without them. Roger is an active member of his home church Calvary Fellowship and plays bass in the worship band. With a strong foundation, Roger owes what he has to Jesus and strives to emulate his path daily.​

You can find Roger Valdes at Tattoos by Lou North Miami. Contact the studio directly to book your appointment with Lenny at 305.944.0888 and checkout his online portfolio for more photos.

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