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Born and raised in South Florida, Lenny Rodriguez makes sure to find plenty of time for his awesome family and interests outside of work like drawing and painting, fishing, hiking, camping, and reading.

In a life that always included art including graffiti, Lenny started getting tattooed by Emerson Forth in 1998 and contributes those first experiences to sparking his interest in a career in tattooing.

Lenny, along with many of his friends, hung out at the Hialeah Tattoos by Lou. He made quick friends with Lino Gil who worked at the Hialeah studio at the time. When Lino realized Lenny was interested in learning to tattoo he helped Lenny out a lot, eventually securing an interview with studio owner, Ken Cameron.


It was in August 2001 that Lenny started working at Tattoos by Lou in the Hialeah studio. He stayed there for a year and a half before joining the Tattoos by Lou North Miami crew while Dicky Magoo was fighting for our country in the military. At this same time he worked at Tattoos by Lou South Beach.


After a year at the North Miami studio Lenny headed over to Ken Cameron’s South Beach Tattoo Company where he worked with Federico Ferroni and Janos Mass. Although he didn’t stay at SBT long, both Federico and Janos were a huge influence on Lenny’s future work. From there Lenny landed at the Tattoos by Lou Kendall studio where he has had the chance to work with dozens of great tattoo artists over the years.

Lenny looks back now on those early year’s in his career and takes note of the tremendous help Ken Cameron gave him. Lenny explains that Ken filled his head with so much knowledge in those first years that it took years for him to make sense of it all. To this day Lenny primarily uses Ken Cameron tattoo machines.


With a career spanning two decades, it is hard for Lenny to mention all his favorite artists here, however Chris O’Donell and Mike Rubendal are definitely high on the list. Dave Wulff from Tattoo Demon in Colorado has been a big influence and a great friend over the years.

A few years back Lenny had the opportunity to bring his good friend Ozzy Perez into Tattoos by Lou Kendall as his apprentice, where the two still work together today.

You can find Lenny at Tattoos by Lou Kendall. Contact the studio directly to book your appointment with Lenny at 305.670.6694 and checkout his online portfolio for more photos.

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