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Ozzy is a self-taught artist, who never attended art school. He started off as a graffiti artist a the age of fifteen, a passion he continues to pursue today. Chances are you have seen Ozzy's work on walls all over South Florida.

At 17, Ozzy started collecting tattoos. His first stop was Louie Lombi's studio, where tattooist Robert Balter gave him his first tattoo, a piece of Corey Miller flash. It was then that he realized what he really wanted to do as a career. Although his other artistic interests continued to evolve, Ozzy's growing colelction of tattoos gave him the opprotunity to spend more time in the tattoo shop which fed his desire to become a tattoo artist.

Ozzy wanted to pursue a career as a tattoo artist, however it took awhile for him to take the leap of faith from the steady income of being a machine operator at a cardboard plant and an inspector at an aviation repair shop to becoming a tattoo apprentice.

Ozzy has been tattooing for over a decade. He started by working out of his house until he was given the opportunity to apprentice under his dear friend Lenny Rodriguez at Tattoos By Lou Kendall along with the additional guidance of owner Ken Cameron. He specializes in traditional, Japanese, lettering/script, and color tattoos. Ozzy finds inspiration for his traditional tattoo work in the art of Sailor Jerry, Ed Hardy, Mike Malone, and Greg Christian. When it comes to Ozzy's Japanese work, he is influenced by the work of Horioshi III, Joel Long, Troy Lane, Lenny Rodriguez, and Dave Wulff. BJ Betts, Norm, and Big Meas have influenced Ozzy's lettering and fraffiti work over the years.

Ozzy's freehand work is influenced by tattoo artist Dave Wulff.

Recently Ozzy started painting wood cut outs and paintings with one shot enamel. If you're unfamiliar, one shot enamel is the paint used for sign painting. Ozzy also works in watercolors, acrylics, house paint, and of course, spray paint. Ozzy enjoys his new found art form and regularly sells pieces.

When he's not enjoying incredible concerts or the great outdoors fishing with friends, you can find Ozzy at Tattoos by Lou Kendall. Contact the studio directly to book your appointment with Ozzy at 305.670.6694 and checkout his online portfolio for more photos.

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