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Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Legendary, Award Winning Tattoo Artist Troy Lane

Dicky started tattooing over two decades ago on December 15, 1995. He started his apprenticeship with Tattoos By Lou founder Lou Sciberras. When Lou passed away a few months later, his son-in-law Ken Cameron kindly stepped in and continued Dicky's apprenticeship.

Dicky enjoys workin with clients on Japanese, traditional, religious, black and grey, and color tattoos. In his words, "No limits!" However, as a veteran himself, he really enjoys working with other service members to make their highly personal, tribute tattoos come to life.

Dicky appreciates working with all his clients and there is one that sticks out in his mind. His client Becky frequently attends book signings with children's book illustrators, has the artist draw their character on her, meets with Dicky to turn it into a tattoo, and races back to the event to share the creation with the artist.


Dicky frenquently works with clients on commissioned pieces of artwork and his tattoos have been featured in magazines over the years.

You can find Dicky at Tattoos by Lou North Miami. Contact the studio directly to book your appointment with Dicky at 305.944.0888 and checkout his online portfolio for more photos.

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