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center photo:
Henk "Hanky Panky" Schiffmacher, Gil Montie, and Philadelphia Eddie Funk
at Lou's Farewell Party in Miami Beach

Born in Malta in 1951, Lou Sciberras came to the United States at one year of age. He began his tattoo career in 1968 in Astoria, New York, and developed his skills in the New York City area before moving to North Carolina and finally settling in Miami in 1986. He died on August 28, 1996 of a heart attack.

Lou was an old school tattooist in every way and he formed a close relationship with tattoo pioneer Paul Rogers in the last seven or eight years before Rogers' death. Lou always favored traditional tattoo designs with bold outlines and solid colors. (Some examples of Lou's tattoo work are shown below.)

He was ambitious as well as talented, and owned four studios in the Miami area at the time of this death. Over the years, a number of stellar artists worked in his shops, including Luiz Segatto, Albert Sgambatti, Mike Wilson, Troy Lane, Ken Cameron, Chris Garver, and many others. Without the contribution and work of Lou Sciberras, Miami would not be the outstanding city that it is today for excellence in tattoo artistry. Miami tattooing owes him a great debt and he is missed sorely.

Since his death, the Tattoos by Lou shops continue to operate under his name. The studios are currently being operated by Lou's daughter, Michelle Sciberras-Cameron, and her husband, internationally known tattoo artist, Ken Cameron.

A few "Tattoos by Lou"

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